Gary & Vera Aspey`s new CD “One More Bite of the Cherry” is now released!

After almost two years in the making, what is probably Gary & Vera`s final album(never say never!) is released on 1st November 2015. It contains 12 tracks many of which are self composed with additional musicianship from Michael Giverin ( Jaywalkers and 4-Square) Brian Willougby (Craig & Willoughby and ex-Strawbs), Dave Howard (multi-instrumentalist and member of The Oldham Tinkers), Jon Brindley (excellent singer/composer/musician in his own right), John Kettle (Artistic Record Producer and musician with Merry Hell Band) and last but not least, John Sandham(double and electric bass player of many genres).

The CD can be purchased at Gary & Vera`s  performances, and via post by sending a cheque made payable to Gary & Vera Aspey for £12 (£10 plus £2 p/p) to 29 Beech Walk, Pennington, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 3LL.

Enquiries TEL: 01942 671995,


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