For Schools

Present a programme of Song, Music and Dance, linking into the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Their “Starter for Social History” programme is aimed at pupils between the ages of 5-12 years.

Sing unison songs, actively encouraging pupils’ participation, including invitation for on-stage performance.

Recognition of sound, from machinery, footwear etc., which relates to the song/music.

Use slides to illustrate the song and the era, asking pupils to “have a guess” or “What do you think?”

Cover Victorian times including the building of railways and canals, and working in the mines and factories.

Encourage pupils to ask and answer questions about the past.

Teach choruses and ask pupils to sing along from memory, accenting the rhythm, pitch and phrasing.

Demonstrate and perform Clog Dancing

Gary and Vera Aspey do not teach, but “sow a seed”, taking great pride and derive enjoyment in presenting the varied aspects of their folk culture “with fun”, and in doing so give the pupils the opportunity to appraise professional artists in their performance.

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